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What is the Payment Index of your Company?

What is the payment indicator publicly shown on the credit bureau of your company?

The payment index shown publicly on the commercial credit report of your company is a weighted average of late days in which you pay your suppliers. It is a very good indicator of your company's paying habit and it allows future business partners to evaluate when they will get paid after supplying your business with goods and services. The statistic representing best the payment habit of businesses is normally the non financial trades, which implicates trades of goods and services used for daily operations and require suppliers to be paid in total every months. The financial trades, which include payment on credit cards, leasing and financing vehicle or equipment and long-term debt, are not included in the payment index.

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Indicate in their respective delay period the company's current balance payable to suppliers (excluding credit cards, automobile and machinery purchases or leases and other long security debt).

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