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About Credit Finance +

About Credit Finance +

Credit Finance + was created just after the credit crisis of 2008. Our mission is to help consumers and companies better understand the world of credit and finance.

Prior to the credit crisis, financial institutions invested massively in high credit risk loans, known as subprime loans. These were very profitable short term, due to their high interest rates. When borrowers were unable to make their monthly payments, banks and other financial institutions had to drastically reduce their lending. This created an enormous cash flow problem for consumers and businesses, and credit became scarcely accessible, plunging the economy into a serious recession.

The causes of the financial crisis of 2008 are indeed much more complex, however, if borrowers would have better calculated their financial engagement, the results would not have been as devastating.

Credit Finance + has, because of this, been created to inform and help consumers and businesses, better understand the world of credit and finance. Continuously publishing relevant articles, and offering a wide variety of calculation tools, we help you better evaluate your choices. With Credit Finance + you will be equipped to take more suitable financial decisions!

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