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What is Your Debt Ratio and How Much Would You Be Able to Borrow at the Bank?

You can calculate your debt ratio by filling up this calculator. It is a must when evaluating your credit and estimating your capacity to reimburse it.

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Your debt ratio: %

Revolving credit

If you are a home owner, stable at your job and your address, and you have an excellent credit, here is the potential limit you could obtain, depending on the type of credit you are choosing. You could have access to one of these loans:


Term Loan

This potential loan calculator evaluates your maximum indebtedness capacity, but it is important to always keep your debt ratio at a reasonable level in order to be able to face up unexpected events such as losing your job, doing major repairs on your property or car, accidents, etc.

% Months
% Months

If you were not able to get a similar amount on your last credit application, here are some tips you could use in order to improve your credit score and obtain a higher limit.

Numbers in our calculators are rounded to two decimals.
The same calculations made in an Excel spreadsheet may differ slightly.

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