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Calculate the Sales Tax in the United Kingdom (VAT) for 2023

Calculate the Sales Tax in the United Kingdom (VAT) The sales tax on goods and services in the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) is a value added tax (VAT). There are three rates on the value added tax in Great-Britain and Northern Ireland: the standard, reduced and zero rates. Each rate contains a category of goods and services.

  • The standard rate gathers alcoholic and some non alcoholic drinks, secondary foods and restaurant, clothing for 14 years old and up, electrical products, and energy and water for businesses. Moreover, the standard rate is applied on some transportation goods, such as fuel, parking, taxi and tolls for private bridges, tunnels and roads.
  • The reduced rate contains the domestic need for energy, as well as a few products for children, women, pregnant women and elderly people.
  • The zero rate on goods and services is particular to more essential products like certain foods, children clothing, equipment and services for disabled people, prescribed medications, bicycle and motorcycle helmets. You also find books, magazines, journals, brochure and pamphlets with zero sales tax applicable. New residences, aircrafts and helicopters do not have any sales tax either.

Other groups of products in the UK are also exempt from taxes such as funeral services, cultural events and artistic goods, education and training, health services, physical activities, financial services, insurance, postal service and gambling. Transactions related to real assets are also exempt.

You can use this calculator to get the United Kingdom’s VAT on prices based on the type of rate.

If you click on the other tab, you can also reverse the calculation, by inserting the total amount in order to get the price excluding taxes.

Please change the suggested values with your own amounts in the blue text boxes.

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United Kingdom Value Added Tax (VAT) Chart

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