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Calculate the Sales Tax in Spain (VAT) for 2016 & 2017

Calculate the Sales Tax in Spain (VAT) The sales tax on goods and services in Spain is a tax on value added (TVA). There are three types of value added tax in Spain: standard 21%, reduced 10% and super-reduced 4%. Each rate is applied on a category of goods and services.

  • The standard rate at 21% applies on most goods and services, where you find some medications and dental care, energy, real estate, funeral services, as well as tobacco, alcohol, cosmetics, hair salon and personal hygiene products. Cultural activities such as theatre and film presentations, and sports activities also enter that category.
  • The reduced rate at 10% is applicable on non-basic food products, health products, passenger transport, hotel business, housing construction and renovation, but not the purchase of real estate. It also includes water distribution and agricultural input.
  • The super-reduced rate at 4% concerns basic foodstuffs (bread, milk, flour, eggs, potato, cheese, cereals, fruits and vegetables), some human medicine and dental care, social housing, and publishing material such as books, newspapers, magazines and school supplies.

You will find below a calculator for the TAV (tax on added value) in Spain that will display the amount of taxes payable, based on the selling price and the type of rate. You can also reverse the calculation and enter the amount including taxes to find out the price excluding taxes.

Please change the suggested values with your own in the blue text boxes.

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