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Take Advantage of Credit Cards at 0% and Avoid Traps

In business, and especially in the case of credit card companies, profitability is everything. However, we are often exposed to credit promotions such as zero percent interests. Companies promoting this will not make any profit since the interests are their main revenue source. It is mostly a way for them to find new clients in a world where the market is almost saturated, but this will not be done at any price. Indeed, the promotion that seems to be very interesting for consumers may be disastrous for them if they do not pay attention to the agreement. Unaware consumers could be the ones covering for the company's loss coming from this promotion.

Standard credit cards with 0% interest for a limited time are common, but we can also see this promotion when buying products with offers of no interest for 12 months. These cards can help someone save an important amount of money, but they normally insert a clause in the agreement stipulating that if the user doesn't pay the balance in total at the end of the promotion, the interests of the entire amount borrowed during the promotion will be billed, and not only on the balance left at the end.

For example, if at the end of a 12 months promotion with no interest, the client kept a balance of $500.00 from an original amount of $6,000.00, he will have to pay the interests on the original amount of $6,000.00 and not just on the balance of $500.00!

In addition, the interest rate starting at the end of the promotion is generally higher than 20%, and could even reach 30% in certain cases, which can undoubtedly raise your debt ratio. Not only the client risk being stuck with a balance at a high interest rate at the end if it is not paid in full, but also he can be forced to pay this interest rate on the entire amount borrowed during the promotion period. The interest cost of a regular credit card that seems to be avoided with this promotion might come back at an outrageous rate. However, it is possible to save on a 0% interest rate promotion, you just have to bring your balance to zero before the end of the promotion, if not, you will be the client the company is looking for to cover the loss of profit made by the promotion.

Take advantage of credit cards at 0% and avoid traps Other credit cards give very low interest rate, at 2% or lower, and for a longer period, but only for a transferred balance coming from other accounts, not for new purchases. This could confuse people into thinking they have a very low interest on new purchases. As well, this promotion contains a condition: the user needs to maintain minimum monthly payments if he wants to keep the low rate. If you skip payment, the promotional rate will disappear and it will engage the regular rate at close to 20%. Make sure in that case to never skip a minimal payment, that way, you will pay your debt faster by transferring your other accounts on a lower interest rate.

The absence or the low level of interest rate can encourage the user to plunge in more indebtedness, but as soon as the promotion ends, the user will be stuck with an important balance and an interest rate far from being promotional. We cannot forget that we are dealing with a limited time promotion, because that kind of free credit cannot last when dealing with profit making business. However, it is an opportunity for the consumer to pay less interest if the promotions are well used. The consumer always has to stay in the line of conduct that gives them the advantage, which is paying the total balance before the end of the promotion or maintaining regular minimal payments.

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